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let me long time no update

well let me i graduated, i am leaving for an extend vacation soon, i am moving some things out :( jessi saw me with arm fulls of clothes she was like what are you doing i was like "just takeing some stuff out" i think that is what i said she got a sad look on her face i told her just to go back to sleep..........and you know i got to thinking i have had alota friends here holly colleen refat liz julie dena (right off the top of my head) i mean i know most them were not around this year... either they have graduated in decenber or a long time ago but i was never actually sad about not being able to talk to them.... my WB possey i am kinda sad about leaving i mean they have all been saying it but you know i am actually feeling now.......who would thought i mean i never get philishpically on yah all but they were a god sent........ let me break down for you how i ended up here
i was friends with older peolpe my freshman year jr.s and sr.s so they eventaully graduated... i lived with refat for 3 years so we were able to part i dont think i could have lived with her and her man so you know and outta my remiaing friends (whom i barely talked to this year mainly because i was taking 21 hours both semester and in my spare time i was having fun with me current roomates) i know how they treated each other so i anserwed an add in the paper because they all urged me to (i am a wienier i need people to push) so i got in here i thought they would be totally freak shows they are a bunch of awesome grrls that i true love and care for in a great way that have made a change in me and i know i could not have gotta through that horriable year with out them.......i am luckly to know them

my mom - this whole thing was a big suprise i miss her you know what i am saying....... she was the one... but like i said before i would rather her be painless and happy then keeping her here with me for my own greed i can do this alone


love on yah

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