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here we go man funny story
so I go to willow brook computer lab last night...its located at the club house...i need to check my seating any here i am crusing catylist when all the sudden this guy bust in and is like does anyone know what catplam is i need to know.....his wisdom tooth had come in and he was gonna take his friends catplam which is an anti the club house lab goes crazy....i decide i will go on im and ask my friend alan i.e. "pill jockey aficionado" so i ask him he doesnt know what it is so then they guy next to me searches the internet for catplam we find it it is an anti inflammatory but the guy wants to know the side affects guess what one is BLOODY STOOLS so the guy is all like "man well here's to bloody stools" and downs the is one thing i will miss about college life i mean how man times will you hear some one say heres to bloody stools that was right place right time comments

okay other than that i dont know took another final ..... one to i am hopeless i dont got no job no where to go

but you know it could get worse lol :) i could be a emo

wheeeeeeee so the one thing the made me luagh last night was the fact that i stuck my had in the cheese mexican spanish dp style instant potatoes jessi made last night while i was digging throught the trash ...... yah lets have a good laugh

okay on a different note i dont get society

okay love on yah
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