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hi yo

hey its me long time no update

i have really nothing to say......i hopefully will graduate soon, and you never know from there

i dont know what to say, i miss my mom i miss her so bad. she was the only person in my life who ever made me feel speacial, its been over a month that i talked to her, and the last time i did talk to her, if i had known it was the last, i would have made better converstation, my god i feel more alone than i ever have and the world keeps going and i try to but i feel like i am swimming in lasanga noodles and no one is gonna help get out... i am think i am adjusting fairly well as well as can be expected you know its funny i know i am in alotta pain and sadness but i am lucky just to have known her for 22 years i there wasnt a person who knew my mom who didnt instantly want her to hang out i mean she was the coolest. i mean i know my memoories of my mom are not as extensive as someone who gets a mom longer than 22 years but my memories are the best of her........I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I MISS YOU

okay and bye
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