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Hey kids

Whats up
I know its about time for an update so here you go
nothing much has been going in my life

Let me see Ash had a car accident and i think she is alittle messed up from it
but she always is messed up so anyway.................

School is cool, stay in school
no really i just have to say that
my semester is so busy an army of nerds could suffix on the work i am required to do..
i have 21 hours but i think everyone knows that
for spring break i have chosen to sleep

there is a job fair on friday i have no deided whether i choose to go or not

My day:
7.24 awake and cant seem to fall back asleep go to McD's
9.24 i fell back asleep sometime and woke up here
11.00 went to class
1.21 came home
4.00 went back to class
5.30 went to take exam
6.30 ate taco bell
7.30 went to tj maxx
8.30 go to lab
8.31 and 50 seconds realize i forgot my homework and have no idea where it is

I dont know sounds pretty boring to me

See you all around
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