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I miss my sweetest friend i am worried about by sweet thang === lexi if you see this tell her to contact me

hey you all i am in a lab as usual not doing to much but trying to in 1 more month i will be not busy 1 more month i cant wait.............let me nothing new has been going on with me i bought the new shakira cd I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! i havent spoke with my mother today but last i heard she watched the Miceal Jackson thing but so did i loed he is so awesome. MJ ===== i talked to my father he is getting suid by the serria club when i asked his if was going to discontue his memebership he was all " NO THEY DO WONDERFUL THINGS" so i am sure he is havent some west wing like debate with himself.......over things but deep know he is money hungry scum but so am i other things on my PAPA he is moving ot Seattle soon so we will see how that works out

i am not going to the bahamas for thanksgiving i am not going to seattle i am staying here with my mom

My neighbor is still beautiful and perfect i talked ot him face to face the other day he is the highlight of my marketing homework -- i think he is the mnost beautiful person i have ever seen close up

my back hurts

i am sad to day
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I'm going to forgive you the shakira cd for the sweet sweet things you said about me in your opening sentence. deal? I'm fine fine fine, and will update maybe tomorrow. love you too
shakira is the best cd ever i will tango tell dawn