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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
5:33 pm
trust no one
okay i am here i am
i am watching boys dont cry and playing online

they made a comment "i hate my life" and the other party replys "i hate your life too" i feel that this is common feeling with everyone.......which brings me to say hillary swank is a girl playing a boy, YOU CAN TRUST NO ONE
male female old young no one not even your blood half the time....


i mean people take tables right out from under you at work ..... take money lie constantly

talk to you later

Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, November 15th, 2002
12:35 pm
took a quiz
This one might be right on the money!

What kind of Drug Addict are you?
Saturday, May 25th, 2002
7:00 pm
yah vader and me i dont know.....really makes you think how someone like me could be THE MOST POWERFUL JEDI EVER..........lol

which Episode II character are you?

Anakin Skywalker - jedi apprentice. Like Anakin, you know your morals and usually always stick to the rules. However, stray away from those who know best and you may become naiive to what anybody tells you. Stay with those whom you trust and have always been your friends. Otherwise, you may find yourself being manipulated by outside parties.

6:56 pm
yah beatiful whatever

What kind of ANGEL are you?

Quiz made by Angela
10:48 am
let me long time no update
well let me i graduated, i am leaving for an extend vacation soon, i am moving some things out :( jessi saw me with arm fulls of clothes she was like what are you doing i was like "just takeing some stuff out" i think that is what i said she got a sad look on her face i told her just to go back to sleep..........and you know i got to thinking i have had alota friends here holly colleen refat liz julie dena (right off the top of my head) i mean i know most them were not around this year... either they have graduated in decenber or a long time ago but i was never actually sad about not being able to talk to them.... my WB possey i am kinda sad about leaving i mean they have all been saying it but you know i am actually feeling now.......who would thought i mean i never get philishpically on yah all but they were a god sent........ let me break down for you how i ended up here
i was friends with older peolpe my freshman year jr.s and sr.s so they eventaully graduated... i lived with refat for 3 years so we were able to part i dont think i could have lived with her and her man so you know and outta my remiaing friends (whom i barely talked to this year mainly because i was taking 21 hours both semester and in my spare time i was having fun with me current roomates) i know how they treated each other so i anserwed an add in the paper because they all urged me to (i am a wienier i need people to push) so i got in here i thought they would be totally freak shows they are a bunch of awesome grrls that i true love and care for in a great way that have made a change in me and i know i could not have gotta through that horriable year with out them.......i am luckly to know them

my mom - this whole thing was a big suprise i miss her you know what i am saying....... she was the one... but like i said before i would rather her be painless and happy then keeping her here with me for my own greed i can do this alone


love on yah

10:45 am
Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
2:17 pm
2:10 pm

You are Christina Ricci!

You acted in cool movies like:
Prozac Nation, Sleepy Hollow, 200 Cigarettes
Pecker, Ice Storm and Opposite of Sex.

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So i guess i am wednesday adams

2:06 pm
So jessica or jezz has asked me to post this.........yah i guess this is who i rank as a porn star........hahahahaha

What Porn Starlet are you? Take the quiz @ 5tarla.net

love on yah
Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
11:45 am
here we go man funny story
so I go to willow brook computer lab last night...its located at the club house...i need to check my seating chart....so any here i am crusing catylist when all the sudden this guy bust in and is like does anyone know what catplam is i need to know.....his wisdom tooth had come in and he was gonna take his friends catplam which is an anti inflammatory...so the club house lab goes crazy....i decide i will go on im and ask my friend alan i.e. "pill jockey aficionado" so i ask him he doesnt know what it is so then they guy next to me searches the internet for catplam we find it it is an anti inflammatory but the guy wants to know the side affects guess what one is BLOODY STOOLS so the guy is all like "man well here's to bloody stools" and downs the pill....lol.....that is one thing i will miss about college life i mean how man times will you hear some one say heres to bloody stools that was right place right time comments

okay other than that i dont know took another final ..... one to go....man i am hopeless i dont got no job no where to go

but you know it could get worse lol :) i could be a emo

wheeeeeeee so the one thing the made me luagh last night was the fact that i stuck my had in the cheese mexican spanish dp style instant potatoes jessi made last night while i was digging throught the trash ...... yah lets have a good laugh

okay on a different note i dont get society

okay love on yah

Current Mood: productive
Tuesday, April 30th, 2002
7:05 pm
all dressed up with no place to go
I do know i just have nothing to day i dont know why i am updateing, my life is a bore

I am beginnning to think i just have bad luck lately but i cant let that get me down :)
so i am gonna out on happy face :) never know what can happen

I am close to being done with my undergrade career and you know that means (psssst i dont know what it means if you do please reply here)

Well let me see you know what makes me laugh...I think about that time in k-mart during our senior year when i had micah convinced that cabbage patch dolls came out with the speacial olm. model (it was great!)



p.s. This is dumb i dont know why i posted i

Current Mood: confused
Monday, April 29th, 2002
6:45 pm
yah so..........
okay lets paint a picture.......FINALS WEEK 2002.........last set of finals of my undergrad career, who woulda thought, i am almost there who knew

got some bad finals coming up on tuesday and wednesday, i have been procratinating on them all day, but hey who woulda thought again

so let me see still haten school, been listen to song number 7 on nelly fretato since yesterday, IT COULD BE THE ONE
i am starting to get sick of it

so nothing really exciting



Current Mood: working
Friday, April 26th, 2002
12:03 pm
uh yah
So the mood hit i joined an livejournal community



Love on yah
Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
11:54 am
hi yo
hey its me long time no update

i have really nothing to say......i hopefully will graduate soon, and you never know from there

i dont know what to say, i miss my mom i miss her so bad. she was the only person in my life who ever made me feel speacial, its been over a month that i talked to her, and the last time i did talk to her, if i had known it was the last, i would have made better converstation, my god i feel more alone than i ever have and the world keeps going and i try to but i feel like i am swimming in lasanga noodles and no one is gonna help get out... i am think i am adjusting fairly well as well as can be expected you know its funny i know i am in alotta pain and sadness but i am lucky just to have known her for 22 years i there wasnt a person who knew my mom who didnt instantly want her to hang out i mean she was the coolest. i mean i know my memoories of my mom are not as extensive as someone who gets a mom longer than 22 years but my memories are the best of her........I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I MISS YOU

okay and bye
Tuesday, March 19th, 2002
10:40 am
how is everyone gonna update and not tell



Nes is in affect
Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
9:43 pm
Hey kids
Whats up
I know its about time for an update so here you go
nothing much has been going in my life

Let me see Ash had a car accident and i think she is alittle messed up from it
but she always is messed up so anyway.................

School is cool, stay in school
no really i just have to say that
my semester is so busy an army of nerds could suffix on the work i am required to do..
i have 21 hours but i think everyone knows that
for spring break i have chosen to sleep

there is a job fair on friday i have no deided whether i choose to go or not

My day:
7.24 awake and cant seem to fall back asleep go to McD's
9.24 i fell back asleep sometime and woke up here
11.00 went to class
1.21 came home
4.00 went back to class
5.30 went to take exam
6.30 ate taco bell
7.30 went to tj maxx
8.30 go to lab
8.31 and 50 seconds realize i forgot my homework and have no idea where it is

I dont know sounds pretty boring to me

See you all around

Current Mood: working
Thursday, February 7th, 2002
4:43 pm


Current Mood: working
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002
8:06 pm
Stay in School, cuase school is cool
the hell it is
i am so drained but i am almost done

looking for a job
i am happ today


Current Mood: flirty
Wednesday, November 28th, 2001
9:07 pm
mi vivo
Do you every read other peoples post and wonder what they are thinking (micah and lexi you got my back with this dont you) I hate it when dumb people think they are smart

SO let me nothing to exciting
I am in the lab working you all know

here is how the people around me are at this point

-is drining me nuts i dont think she cares about herself or anyone

- is kick ass she wants tye food so i am getting taco bell :)

- is also kick ass what else can i say she is awesome

- i wish she was happy

*****Stalking Story**********
okay she while staring at my neighbor(not the sungod) from afar my roomate and i decide hey lets throw our keys and get a closer look at what he is
---at this point he was setting in his car motionless i wonder what he is doing------
so the only way to get his attention is to trough our keys
so here it is she up and thoughs her keys he doesnt move so thinking he is dead we go in the house and watch through the window

love on yah

Current Mood: working
Thursday, November 15th, 2001
10:05 pm
I miss my sweetest friend i am worried about by sweet thang === lexi if you see this tell her to contact me

hey you all i am in a lab as usual not doing to much but trying to in 1 more month i will be not busy 1 more month i cant wait.............let me nothing new has been going on with me i bought the new shakira cd I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! i havent spoke with my mother today but last i heard she watched the Miceal Jackson thing but so did i loed he is so awesome. MJ ===== i talked to my father he is getting suid by the serria club when i asked his if was going to discontue his memebership he was all " NO THEY DO WONDERFUL THINGS" so i am sure he is havent some west wing like debate with himself.......over things but deep know he is money hungry scum but so am i other things on my PAPA he is moving ot Seattle soon so we will see how that works out

i am not going to the bahamas for thanksgiving i am not going to seattle i am staying here with my mom

My neighbor is still beautiful and perfect i talked ot him face to face the other day he is the highlight of my marketing homework -- i think he is the mnost beautiful person i have ever seen close up

my back hurts

i am sad to day

Current Mood: sad
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